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This Week @ Cornerstone: July 24, 2016

July 23, 2016 | by: Ryan Joki | 0 Comments

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This week's bulletin is online here. In the parable of the tenants Jesus lays down a scathing rebuke against Israel's religious leaders in which He explains that, because of their failure to lead Israel to repentance through the acceptance of God's prophets, the kingdom of heaven will be given to another people who will give to God the fruit that He desires. So what of this second group? What will happen to them if they repeat the mistakes of their predecessors by neglecting to give God the fruit that He demands? Jesus provides the answer in the parable that follows, the parable of the wedding feast. Ryan will explain this Sunday in a message from Matthew 22:1-14 entitled, "Privilege Lost."

In Sunday school we will discuss chapter sixteen of Kerby Anderson's Christian Ethics in Plain Lanugage, "Crime and Capital Punishment."

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