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This Week @ Cornerstone: September 25, 2016

September 24, 2016 | by: Ryan Joki | 0 Comments

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This week's bulletin is online here. In Matthew 23:13-15 Jesus condemns the scribes and Pharisees for sealing people in their unbelief with their false religion. This is the danger of false religion: it "incoluates" a person to the gospel by giving them enough truth to "feel accepted" by God without actually leading them to genuine dependence and faith. We live in highly religious area that is flooded with just these types of false gospels. What are they, why are they appealing, and what are their flaws? We'll explore the answer to this question as Ryan continues to discuss the implications of Matthew 23:13-15 in a series of messages entitled "The Gospel Vaccine."

In Sunday school we will discuss chapter two of James Sire's The Universe Next Door.

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