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Spiritual Amnesia (Part 1)

Apr 8, 2018 by: Ryan Joki| Series: Wisdom from Above | Category: James

Have you ever heard of a "placebo?" It's a kind of sugar pill that doctors will sometimes administer to test the effectiveness of a new drug. A placebo has no medicinal power, and yet, oddly, very often patients will say they feel better after taking one. As James writes his letter, he identifies a potential spiritual placebo, which has the potential to keep the Christian from becoming "well" - and that's knowledge. Knowing, James must explain, is not the same as doing. It is possible to know much about God, and still be an incredibly immature Christian. Why is this so, and how does it happen?  Ryan explores the answer to this question in the first part of three-part message from James 1:22-27 entitled "Spiritual Amnesia."