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Babel Undone (Pt 1)

Jun 16, 2024    Ryan Joki

There are multiple levels to doctrinal beliefs. There are "primary" doctrines that are essential to salvation, "secondary" doctrines that are typically essential for ongoing, regular fellowship, and then "tertiary" or "third-level" doctrines, which impact neither one's salvation nor their ongoing fellowship with other believers. One such "primary" doctrine is belief in the deity of Jesus Christ. Orthodox Christians have always said that this is a doctrine without which a person cannot be saved. Why is this the case? Why is it so essential that a person believe in the deity of Christ in order to be saved? Moreover, what proof does Jesus offer to demonstrate that He is, in fact, God? These are questions that Ryan addresses in part one of a three-part message from John 8:12-30 entitled, "Babel Undone."