REMINDER: Reading & Prayer Plan

Cornerstone Family,

Back during our congregational meeting, I mentioned that one of the things we want to try to grow in this year is prayer and spiritual fellowship (particularly among the men). Further, I said that one of the ways we wanted to encourage this was by providing both a corporate reading plan for the church to do together and an updated prayer list. The idea is that the corporate reading plan allows you to have something of spiritual substance to discuss with someone else (since you’re both reading and thinking about the same thing), and the prayer list gives you some items that you can pray over together. I’d really strongly encourage everyone to have at least one other person that they’re praying with on a regular basis, be that weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. (You can share requests that you have personally, and then prayer through the monthly themes and individual requests from Cornerstone, as well.)

Well, I’m happy to announce that not only is our reading plan (which starts Monday) up and working in the Cornerstone app (under the “Plan” selection in our “Bible” tab), but we now have a prayer list up, as well. Just select “Prayer List” in the main page of the Cornerstone app or under the “Members” tab on our web page, enter in the password (available to Cornerstone members only), and voila! You’re there. There will also be print copies of our monthly prayer list available by the bulletins in the fellowship hall on Sunday morning, and Will will send a monthly email notifying you of the themes and updated requests. Our hope is that this becomes a really good way for us to lift up one another in prayer.

And on that note: you might notice that our “individual requests” section is a little bare. That’s because Will hasn’t gotten many requests yet. So do you have a request? Send it along to Will, and he’ll add it to the list for the church. What a great way for us to support one another in our pursuit of Christ!

In Christ,

Ryan Joki
Teaching Elder
Cornerstone Baptist Church

“The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” – 1 Timothy 1:5

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