This Sunday @ Cornerstone: March 31, 2024

This week's bulletin is online here. The first Easter morning would have been a very confusing time for Christ's disciples. Only days earlier, as Jesus entered Jerusalem on the previous Sunday, it looked as if He was ready to seize the throne of David. The signs and wonders that seemed to point to that fact had been revealed. The political support need to pull it off was there. Even the religious leaders were finally running scared. By the following Friday, however, far from seizing the Davidic throne, Jesus was dead and in the tomb. At the time, it would have had all the appearances of a coup d'etat gone wrong - of a rebellion attempted and failed. There was incredible disappointment and fear shared by the disciples on Saturday, and yet, by Sunday, it all turns around as they begin to slowly piece together that Jesus has been risen from the dead. Why? What's so significant about Christ's resurrection, and how would it have helped the disciples understand how Christ fulfills all the expectations that they had going into the week on Palm Sunday - and more? Ryan will explain this week in an Easter message entitled, "The Glory of a Resurrected King."

You can listen to this Sunday's worship set here

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