This Sunday @ Cornerstone: April 7, 2024

This week's bulletin is online here. It's often been said that looks can be deceiving, and there is perhaps no instance where this is truer than the ministry of Jesus of Nazareth. By all accounts, He didn't look like much of a Messiah. He didn't come from a great and powerful family. He had no formal education. He didn't even seem to fit many of the prophetic expectations of the Christ - at least, not according to superficial standards. And yet, He could do things that no one else could do, and, perhaps even more importantly, He tended to say things that made an incredible amount of sense. It's this tension that the crowds wrestle with in John 7 as Jesus teaches during the Feast of Booths, and in the process, we learn something about how to discern the truth about Jesus. Ryan explains this Sunday in part one of a three-part message from John 7:1-52 entitled, "Looks Can Be Deceiving."

You can listen to this Sunday's worship set here

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